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Freedom Sings USA-Arkansas is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing a caring environment of support for military Veterans, active duty men & women,

military spouses & surviving family members.  Their personal stories are

put to music through the art of songwriting.

Through this powerful experience with "Veterans healing Veterans" & the

opportunity for continuous participation, we empower our servicemen

& women to help bring each other home.



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Freedom Sings Arkansas proudly accepted the "Saluting Heroes Award" on July 15, 2022. The award is sponsored by Rainwater, Holt and Sexton Law Firm & came with a $1,000 donation to Freedom Sings Arkansas.

The presentation was captured & narrated by KTHV Channel 11 anchorman Rolly Hoyt. Thank you Rolly & Channel 11.

And thank you Rainwater, Holt and Sexton Law Firm for your generous donation and this beautiful award!


The spot aired on Tuesday, July 26 & can be viewed here on YouTube.



Local Songwriter's Song of the Week!

Top Gun pilot Randall "Duke" Cunningham is featured in this song written by lead songwriter Don Tucker and Director Paul W. Tull. Duke is a highly decorated Combat Ace Fighter Pilot. He consulted on the original Top Gun movie released in 1986 and several scenes in the movie are based on his experiences.

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Duke (Top Gun)
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Song of the Week


Before you leave, please take a Veteran home with you.

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Trigger/Content warningThe following video contains actual war sounds & images that may be considered graphic by some. 

“The audio segment at the beginning of this video was recorded live, by combat photographer Lieutenant Bruce Wesson, inside the ammunition dump at Long Binh, South Vietnam on January 31, 1968, the first day of the Tet Offensive.


You will hear small arms and automatic weapons,  incoming RPG rounds and other ordinance exploding. The squad leaders can be heard directing the concentration of fire. The radio transmissions in the background are communications between the platoon leader and the company commander engaged in the battle.”


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