Charlie Daniels 

Autographed Fiddle Giveaway!


The legendary Charlie Daniels and his team donated an autographed fiddle and fan package to Freedom Sings Arkansas shortly before his passing.

His intent was for us to use it as a fundraiser.

We are honored to now offer his autographed fiddle and other prizes

to raise much needed funds for our program to continue our work with Veterans.

Click on the "Donate" box below for

information on the raffle.

Thanks Charlie, you're a class act!

May you rest in peace.

~~ Special thanks to CDB's

David Corlew & Angela and

Freedom Sings USA's Don Goodman ~~

Freedom Sings Arkansas retreat veteran

in The News

Anguished Veteran Finds Solace With Freedom Sings Arkansas - USA 

Wed, 07/01/2020 - 9:24am  BY CASEY COLLIER

Local resident and veteran Gregory Mitchell was suffering last year a debilitating mental anguish.
The former Redeye, Stinger, and Chaparral missile crewman had served on the Redeye Team, Combat Support Company, 3rd and 32nd Armored Division of the US Army from 1977-1980, and was in the throes of post-traumatic stress disorder pertaining to his service.
He attempted to end his own life, and was brought to the Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System in Biloxi, Miss. But he still felt the effects of his trauma after undergoing professional treatment there.

He said a friend of his told him about a program to help struggling veterans, called, Freedom Sings USA.
So, he got in touch with the non-profit organization, and was accepted to their Little Rock, Ark. ongoing classes, for a two-day songwriting workshop where he was greeted by fellow veterans, and invited to work with professional songwriters to carefully craft a song about his personal military experiences, perform it in front of an audience, and have it professionally recorded and made available to the public.


Read more @: 

Freedom Sings Arkansas Alum, Gregory Mitchell has his experience printed in his hometown newspaper

When The Story Becomes A Song...


Freedom Sings Arkansas is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing a caring environment of support for military Veterans, active duty men & women,

military spouses & surviving family members.  Their personal stories are

put to music through the art of songwriting.

Through this powerful experience with "Veterans healing Veterans" & the

opportunity for continuous participation, we empower our servicemen

& women to help bring each other home.



Song of the Week


Local Songwriter's Song of the Week!

Freedom Sings Arkansas Songwriter, Rodger King, penned this tribute for his cousin, PFC James Michael King, "Who Gave All" in Vietnam.

PFC James Michael KingRodger King
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Before you leave, please take a Veteran home with you.

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Trigger/Content warningThe following video contains actual war sounds & images that may be considered graphic by some. 

“The audio segment at the beginning of this video was recorded live, by combat photographer Lieutenant Bruce Wesson, inside the ammunition dump at Long Binh, South Vietnam on January 31, 1968, the first day of the Tet Offensive.


You will hear small arms and automatic weapons,  incoming RPG rounds and other ordinance exploding. The squad leaders can be heard directing the concentration of fire. The radio transmissions in the background are communications between the platoon leader and the company commander engaged in the battle.”


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